Using Slideshare to Help Promote Your Toastmasters Club

For those not familiar with Slideshare, it’s a free online venue for uploading Powerpoints. You can also integrate Slideshare with your personal Linkedin account.

Some of the presentations that members give for manuals focuses on Powerpoints. Technical Presentations is one of the advanced manuals that focuses on the use, as well as project #8, Get Comfortable with Visual Aids from the CC Manual, encourages the use of Powerpoint. Members may also be using their speeches (and Powerpoints) to practice for presentations that they may need to give at their businesses or to potential clients.

Because Slideshare lets you upload multiple Powerpoints under one account and put a substantial amount of information including links back to both a Toastmasters club website and their social media links, uploading your club’s Powerpoints to a Slideshare account can help your Search Engine Optimization and help your club get found online by a considerable amount.

Slideshare accounts are cool because you then have the ability to embed them in blog posts and in your website. Get creative, have a page on your club site or a blog post with a write-up of a member’s speech and embed their Powerpoint (via Slideshare) into it.

Slideshare also gives member statistics of how many views, like and comments you might get on a presentation.

I would caution members who have done Powerpoint presentations that they want to share online, be cognizant of the fact that if it’s business information you are sharing, it must not be confidential information, and while using copyrighted images in Powerpoints (especially for teaching purposes) is very much a gray area legally, I would make sure you know the providence of any photos or images your using. Just because the image came from a free photo site, you don’t know where it came from originally. Buy your images legally from an inexpensive stock photo source like or take them yourself.

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