Membership Building and PR ideas for Toastmasters Corporate Clubs


  • Ask Human Resources to include a flyer about the club in the new employee orientation packet.
  • Ask Human Resources to insert a flyer about the club with the payroll checks.
  • Ask Human Resources for an appointment to give a 20-minute presentation on the benefits of Toastmasters and how it can help the company’s training efforts.
  • Inquire about the possibility of club members earning continuing education credit.
  • Place an ad in your company newsletter.
  • Post a notice on your company’s electronic bulletin board.
  • Notify communications department about upcoming events: contests, award presentations, etc.
  • Host an Open House
  • Contact Past Members, do a survey/ask questions: Why did they leave? What would give them an incentive to come back?
  • Have a few meetings where all members practice their elevator speeches/30 second commercials about “Why Join Toastmasters”
  • Reach out to managers with a drafted letter, why THEY should join Toastmasters.
  • Have interesting membership packets to “show” guests, but have Toastmasters magazine with a label and a few sheets in the magazine with contact info and why join to give to guests to take with them.
  • Have a Toastmaster of the meeting award, it should rotate amongst members, be branded and unique and be encouraged to be prominently displayed on the member’s desk at work between meetings. An interactive toy with a sign around it’s neck saying Toastmasters or the club name could be used.
  • Use a Toastmasters mug at work
  • Make meetings FUN, focus on making the Table Topics section of the meeting as innovative as possible, Guests won’t return if people are not smiling and having a good time.
  • Make sure Members get rewarded, new member certificates, ½ CC/CL, Toastmaster for the first time. Try to if possible use the meetings where you have guests attending to give them awards. Recognition of members helps the members and looks good to guests.
  • Have table tents for names (or name badges but they can get left at home or in the office frequently).
  • Write articles for the company newsletters.
  • Have Holiday themed meetings and invite EVERYONE
  • Table in cafeteria with flyers and members sitting together, every lunch/meal period have members invite a friend or coworker
  • Visit other open clubs with a group of members to gain ideas and see how other clubs run.
  • Wear your Toastmasters pins or “Ask Us About Toastmasters” buttons outside of the club meeting.



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